The Sea Witch

Caelia Mer (They/Them) is a virtual content creator, artist, singer, and Twitch Affiliate. Will you become one of their beloved Familiars?LIVE every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday on Twitch!


Name: Caelia Mer
Nickname: Cae
Pronouns: They/Them
Species: Merfolk...?
Birthday: August 24
Vtuber Anniversary: January 8
Age: 2,211 Years Old
₊。‧°⚝°‧。₊A child of the Mother of Monsters...The Sea Witch of a long-misunderstood faerie tale...After living in exile for centuries, Caelia means to take their power back. With the aid of their Seal Familiar, Starling, and the human Familiars that they summon from other realms, they are gathering their strength......but to what end?Are they the villain that they have been made out to be? Or is there, as always, so much more to the story?


Caelia (pronounced KAY-lee-ah) is a Genderfluid Virtual Creator that primarily streams on Twitch, but you can find them on Tiktok, YouTube, and so many other social medias as well!They have a very laid back approach to content creation, opting to be authentic while also playing up their character.They tend to focus on JRPGs and RPG-adjacent games, with an occasional deviation. They have an ongoing series called Final the Fantasies, wherein they play all the mainline Final Fantasy games in order for the very first time! They also occasionally stream creative endeavors such as art and emote design!Their favorite games are Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy XIV, all of which appear on the channel from time to time!You can also expect to see seals. SO MANY SEALS.


Caelia offers Private Video Tarot Readings to interested clients! Caelia will do the reading for you in a video, discuss their interpretation of the cards at length, give advice wherever it may be warranted, and then upload the reading as a private video for you to watch as many times as you want!₊。‧°⚝°‧。₊To order a reading from the Sea Witch, explore their offerings on Ko-Fi!

art commissions

Caelia is available for hire for twitch emotes, illustrations, and more! To commission them for creative endeavors, check them out on VGEN!₊。‧°⚝°‧。₊


₊。‧°⚝ DESIGN ⚝°‧。₊Original Character Design, Current Logo, Emotes, Starling Artwork: Caelia MerModel Art and Rig: Faeri SamiPrevious Logo Design: Azuracle₊。‧°⚝ MISCELLANEOUS ASSETS ⚝°‧。₊Intro Music: Starfall by Coffee RunPentagram Alerts: spvwvkyVarious Effects + Stinger: Freya AmariOverlay Elements: Riꓘo ✧ 理子Sunken Ship Animated BG: AfrinStudioDigital


Business Inquiries Only

Thank you

Thank you for sending your correspondence! Caelia will get back to you ASAP!

chat !commands

CAELIA: "Be afraid of me!"
CAELIA: "Be not afraid, motherfucker! Be not afraid!"
CAELIA: "You are the bringer of light. Birbs!"
FFXIV Midlander Voice /huh
CAELIA: "Go jack off, I dunno!"
CAELIA: "Magic, Bitch!"
VERSUS: "Who's ready for some murder~?"
CAELIA: "Me! I'm ready for murder!"
CAELIA: "I just want quality bitches!"
VERSUS: "The science is there. What, do you not believe in science anymore?"

Chat rules

I would very much like this to be a warm, friendly, inclusive space. The following guidelines are meant to keep it that way! It's by no means an exhaustive list - so please use common sense and common courtesy. Thank you!⚝ ENGLISH ONLY in chat, please!
⚝ STREAM IS 18+ for language and sexual themes.
⚝ WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR HATE SPEECH OF ANY KIND. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and body shaming. I don't care if it's 'just' a joke or a meme, don't say it.
⚝ DO NOT POST LINKS unless you are a moderator. To make and share a clip, simply use the !clip command.
⚝ DO NOT BACKSEAT unless help is requested.
⚝ SELF-PROMOTION OF ANY KIND IS NOT ALLOWED. Do not talk about your stream or your content during this stream unless Caelia asks. Caelia will shout people out organically where they feel it worthwhile to do so.
⚝ DO NOT talk about other streamers or vtubers, UNLESS Caelia is already talking about them.
⚝ DO NOT surprise Caelia and the chat with bad news during the stream. If it is something you really need to let them know, please save it for a whisper or DM after the stream is over.
⚝ DO NOT Traumadump! Caelia is not your therapist and neither are the other folks in chat.
⚝ TL;DR - Be kind and respectful of Caelia and everyone in chat.